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Strategy Session

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Our strategist team is here to guide you through the intricacies of putting plans into place such as marketing, organization, executive and delegation in an as you need consulting session. These services are available regardless if you need  a VA or not.

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45 min. consultative sessions. Price: $99.00/per session

Goal - document, analyze, and assign helpful tasks to projects that will move your business forward.

Ideal topics that you can use a strategy session for:

  • Develop an executive assistant plan

  • Campaign creation

  • Talk about what to delegate and how to delegate

  • Create a Book or Podcast launch plan

  • Put a Marketing Strategy together

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy

  • Talk about how you can integrate AI into your business 

  • Discuss platform integrations and implementation plans 

  • Process and strategize next steps to grow your business

  • Evaluate if your company is as efficient as it could be

  • Create an organization plan 

  • Revamp or revisit operations and automation

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To get started fill out the form below.  
Upon completing you will receive an email to the address provided with a link to purchase if you have not done so already on our digital page.

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