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We provide services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 corporations who do not have the space or equipment, funds, desire or need to hire an employee full-time, in house. 

We launched in 2008, when the concept of using Virtual Assistants was new, and unproven. At the time, Virtual Assistance raised more questions than it answered. That era of uncertainty passed some time ago.


These days, we hear more about the risk of not using a Virtual Assistant.



Since Day 1 - October 2nd, 2008 - our mission has been to make the luxury of an assistant available to every entrepreneur. 

We specialize in being proactive with our clients. We have always known that this is our distinct, competitive advantage. We invite you to find out first hand about our other differences. Clients choose our Virtual Assistant team over other options because of our unique ability to do so.

Virtual Assist USA team members treat our clients to an extraordinary experience, where we take care of your business just as we would our own. Virtual Assist USA's team is made up of specialists who have worked on thousands of projects in over 50 industries. We believe equally in the power of education and experience, meaning that each of our team members has a college degree, relevant work experience & can achieve results for our clients. Our team members stick with us, too. This demonstrates team loyalty and alignment with our company mission. To learn more about how we treat our employees, visit Why We Made our Contractors Employees. 



While our official address is in Pittsburgh, PA, we have Virtual Assistants spread across the United States in each & every single time zone to accommodate all of our client's projects. 

When you hire Virtual Assist USA, you have an experienced team at your fingertips, ready to collaborate on your project, anytime, anywhere.

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1) We believe that Client Service is not just a one-way interaction between a business owner and their Virtual Assistant. We believe it goes much deeper than that. The core of our Service Philosophy is helping people.

2) We don’t claim to be perfect. There have been times when we haven’t quite hit the bullseye, but we admit mistakes, take responsibility and immediately look for a way to correct and improve. This philosophy has contributed to our client retention and loyalty. We have an extensive portfolio of clients, but we strive to make you feel like the only one.

3) We believe in the blend of experience and education, meaning each team member is required to have advanced higher education and demonstrate their ability to achieve results for clients.

4) We believe that we’re really in the time business -- our focus is about helping clients tackle their to-do list all in pursuit of work that leaves our clients with more time to do what they love.


5) We believe in diversity, inclusion, transforming corporate social responsibility, and giving back to the communities in which we work and serve. See our Diversity Statement here.



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Virtual Assistant Supervisor

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Lead Billing Department

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Virtual Assistant Supervisor 

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Virtual Assistant 

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Writing Specialist

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Virtual Assistant

divana virtual assistant


Virtual Assistant 

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Virtual Assistant Supervisor

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Website Specialist

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Virtual Assistant Supervisor

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Virtual Assistant Supervisor

esther virtual assistant


Virtual Assistant

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Support Team Lead 

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