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Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

No commitment. No extra fees. And no more never-ending To Do list for you.

When you hire Virtual Assist USA, you have:

  • A dedicated Virtual Assistant, with a trained backup secondary Virtual Assistant to cover illness or vacations

  • Access to our entire team's skillset for special services like digital marketing and content writing

  • Unlimited users so you may have a co-worker or partner share your package

  • A matching process that is proprietary and based on skills assessments and personality tests so that you are paired with the best Virtual Assistant fit 

  • A Virtual Assistant who is our employee (read why that's important here)

Working Alone in the Office

Option 1

15 hours


No subscription
Team of Assistants
No expiration

Option 2

30 hours 


No subscription
Team of Assistants
No expiration


Option 3

50 hours 


No subscription
Team of Assistants
No expiration

Option 4


Had something else in mind?

Lets chat!

Virtual Assist USA


Hiring an Employee

Average Cost



1.5x hourly rate to account for overhead, benefits, paid time off, compliance and taxes

Additional Cost


Subscriptions to freelance sites, Payment processing fees, individual software licenses

Unemployment Insurance, Vacation Days, Paid Breaks, Mandatory State Sick Time, Federal Taxes, Paid Holidays, Equipment, Benefits+

Team Access

Access to back up VAs, specialty VAs



Image by Mudassir Ali

A Deeper Dive

We've included the comparisons below so that you can decide which option will be the best for you and your company. There are significant differences between risks, expenses, turnaround times, etc. The placement of liability, responsibility, and trust are also factors to consider when choosing which route to go for assistance.

Potential Risks

When using a Virtual Assistant company, you are using a shared economy service. The pro is that this model makes it easier, faster and cheaper to hire an employee. However, it does mean that you're sharing your assistant and your assistant may have multiple clients. This is a similar situation with a freelancer. However, you do run risks with a freelancer of 1099 compliance, limited skill sets and lack of availability. You also run the risk of re-finding fees to re-assign work. Hiring an employee may run the most risk as there are risks for discriminatory pay cases, lawsuits, fines, and fees. 

Turnover / Training Cost

Virtual Assist USA accumulates no turnover or re-training costs-- if you need to switch a Virtual Assistant, we will absorb the cost, as well as the training costs to add more assistants to your team. Hiring a freelancer can accumulate costs near $100+ depending on service-- not including time for recruiting, interviewing and any training time. The most costly is hiring an employee. Replacing/firing an employee according to SHRM costs a company 6-9 months of an employee's salary. 

Sunk Cost

Hiring Virtual Assist USA comes with no sunken costs. There are no upfront fees, added rates or  costs. A freelancer's sunken cost comes from resources with onboarding programs. When hiring an employee, according to MIT, the average cost to maintain having an employee is 1.25 to 1.5 times base salary range- e.g. the cost range for a $50,000/year employee might $62,500 to $70,000. These are large sunken costs that are the price to pay for having an employee on staff. What will work best for you and your company?

Cost / Days to Launch

Virtual Assist USA costs nothing in start-up or launch costs. You can begin with your Virtual Assistant as quickly as one business day. When it comes to a freelancer, it depends on the availability of the Freelancer to being work and availability to complete tasks. The average cost for hiring an employee in the USA is around $4,100 with around 50 days to fill a position.

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