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A New Kind
Of Solution for Corporations

The corporate landscape is shifting.


At Virtual Assist USA, we’re a preferred vendor for Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations who utilize our team to replace or enhance theirs. We've worked with clients such as Harvard Business Review, Twitter, Dow Chemical and more.

Virtual Assist USA team members provide corporate teams with business support, personal support or a combination of both. 


10 years ago, Virtual Assist USA’s team set out on a journey to redefine how businesses work with and engage their workforce. In doing so, we disrupted a category defined by the ages. We are now equipped to work with large corporations and Fortune 500 companies on a task-based, part-time or full-time basis to provide a completely flexible solution. Our team can serve as a cost-saving alternative to hiring an in-house team. We can also provide a value-add for existing team members who benefit from sharing a resource — and freeing up their time to work on revenue-generating activities. 

By Utilizing the Virtual Assist USA Team, Companies:


1. Reduce employee costs by having a team without salaries, payroll or benefits


2. Are required to provide less oversight as Virtual Assistants are self-managing. Our Virtual Assistants also increase levels of productivity by utilizing technology to their advantage. 

3. Have transparent access to actual time spent on projects, down to the minute (A study by Global Workforce showed that employees are not at their desk working up to 45% of the time)


4. Introduce flexibility & sustainability by relying on a team rather than an individual


5. Improve the quality of work


6. Eliminate equipment costs while maintaining the highest levels of cyber security as we work from our own secure systems

How We Differ From Other Virtual Assistant Companies:

1. A financially-stable company in business for over a decade. We provide audited financial statements to all corporate prospects and clients


2. Highest cyber-security requirements and safeguards, including bank-level security and HIPAA compliance 


3. Flexible, favorable credit terms 


4. Bonded & insured 


5. Experience working in highly-regulated industries such as finance, utilities, software and healthcare for Fortune 500 clients

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