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Getting Started With Your VA

Getting started working with someone new can be a challenge. Where do you start? 


Being in the business for almost two decades, we have more than a few tips and tricks to help!  

Some important things to remember: 

1. There is a whole team available to you. Here at Virtual Assist USA - we work as a team so you are not limited to one VAs skill set. It is simple - if your VA does not have the skill set they will reach out to another VA for assistance.

2. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. Delegation can be hard but by asking your VA for help you will understand how much you can eliminate off your plate.  

3. Looking for access to your invoices and task management system? Email: Cassandra@virtualassistusa.com 



Suggestive Tasks:

Business related tasks. Think about what you can move off your plate.

Day to day personal tasks. Scheduling, invoice paying, etc.

Look at our list of services HERE for ideas on what to delegate. Keep in mind this is not a limited list. 

We have a team here to help!

Strategy Session

Uncover your potential today. Create New Opportunities.

Schedule a strategy session with our experienced strategists. Use your session to fit your needs. Each session includes a 45min video call and follow up email and documentation with discussed next steps. 

discuss delegation. Get to know what to delegate and how to delegate it. 

plan and strategize next steps. How to move your business forward.

brainstorm. Use our team to get ideas out of your head and on to paper and into action.

operations and automation. Revamp, revisit or create.

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Platform Discount Codes

Take advantage of our affiliate and discount programs! Virtual Assist USA personally utilizes all of these platforms for our internal use. That is why we recommend them to our customers! If you have any questions about the platforms feel free to ask us.

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Not Your Average CEO: Lifeline

A podcast dedicated to providing vital information to executives and entrepreneurs. Hear advice that you’ve never heard before. We have the tools, resources, and tactics to help you reach the next level.


Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for decades, listen in for exclusive tips and content to suit your needs. 

Business Strategy
Articles & Webinars

From one business owner to another, we wanted to be able to provide our clients with articles and webinars that have helped us succeed. We hope you find them inspiring too! 

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