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Why Use a
Virtual Assistant?

Is this a good fit for you and your company?
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Deciding to hire a Virtual Assistant company  vs.
an employee in office part-time assistant...

Virtual Assistant: Our rates are all-inclusive meaning you don't pay for holidays, breaks, vacations, taxes or benefits.

In Office Assistant: Using a part-time in office assistant, with overhead such as payroll taxes, compliance, worker's compensation insurance and more costs an average of $45-65,000.

Virtual Assistant: Uses only the amount of time necessary to complete each task-- to the minute.

In Office Assistant: An in office assistant may not have enough work to cover each and every work day. Therefore, costing you money for essentially non-working hours. 

Virtual Assistant: Our Virtual Assistants are all college-educated with a minimum of a decade of experience. We're committed to education and our team is constantly trained on new trends.

In Office Assistant: An assistant that is hired to directly work solely with your company may become, overtime, more fluent in your business, however they may be limited to the amount of experience on a daily basis that is not received while solely working with one industry. 

Virtual Assistant: No hiring costs, no recruiting hassles, no interviews!

In Office Assistant: Average Cost-per-Hire for Companies is $4,129, according to SHRM. This does not include the costs for a bad hire. According to a study the cost of a bad hire of a project manager could be near $78,000.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assistants are shared  with a few other clients so we are available within 1/2 a business day to respond to all communication.

In Office Assistant: In office assistants are available at all times during your business hours. They can be there to answer phones and give customers quick responses.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assist USA works as a collaborative team which means we have specialists who are available to our clients in areas like marketing, tech, social media & more.

In Office Assistant: An in office assistant may be tailored to your industry and have the necessary skill sets needed in terms of language and industry understandings.

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