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Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Assistant in a Tough Economy

virtual assistant in a tough economy

Business changed vastly in recent years, with small and midsized organizations having to adapt to remain competitive. Hiring Virtual Assistants is an essential part of that evolution because it doesn't require a small business to be burdened with DOL and state compliance requirements, recruiting challenges and team management.

Here are a few reasons to start using a Virtual Assistant today.

1. Reduced costs when you hire a Virtual Assistant in a tough economy

Cost savings have become a priority amid current economic trends, and many businesses are searching for solutions that can maximize their return on investment. Virtual Assistants can save businesses money over hiring a traditional employee as it's a shared economy service. You are not on the hook for paid holidays, paid breaks, retirement benefits and increased payroll taxes. It also eliminates costs associated with recruiting and onboarding like background checks and training.

2. Better customer experience

Facilitating positive customer experiences is a vital part of running a successful business, and hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a great first impression on your customers and clients. A Virtual Assistant can respond faster than a busy business owner can and can develop (or follow) a formalized onboarding process. This exponentially increases customer satisfaction.

3. Productivity improvements

A Virtual Assistant can help automate workflows, streamline project execution and increase your own productivity. Virtual Assist USA clients have experienced immediate gains, with taking tasks off of their to-do list right away. What can be a traditionally time-intensive process for someone who is not an expert at administrative work, projects can be completed in a fraction of the time.

5. Fast implementation

The best Virtual Assistant solutions fit smoothly into your workflow and work alongside the tools you already use. This allows you to deploy a Virtual Assistant for your business processes quickly. At Virtual Assist USA, we offer a range of resources to help you hire a Virtual Assistant in a tough economy.


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