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Why it's Easier to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Too often, business owners hire an employee quickly simply to fill a gap rather than because they are a good fit. When you are a client of ours at Virtual Assist USA, you can relax knowing we’ve done the work for you. We select and match our Virtual Assistants to their clients in a way that no other VA platform does. Our in-depth screening process involves multiple interviews, role-plays, formal background checks, reference checks, personality tests, skills assessments, work behavior tests, and informal reputation searches.

Hiring is a challenge for most business owners, but things are a little different with a Virtual Assistant company

We know that there are times when hiring an employee or a new Virtual Assistant can bring about uncertainty, but we come together to ensure the best possible experience for every client.

We've customized this process over our 14 years in business, and we know what works when it comes to matching a Virtual Assistant and a client. When you hire us, we take all of the guess work out!


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