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Why and When to Hire a Virtual Assistant

When was the last time you looked at your productivity level? Most of us are too busy with day-to-day tasks to devote time to examining our schedules and evaluating productivity. But if you took time to reflect on your daily tasks, you'd likely find hours (and hours) of time wasted on administrative and operational tasks each week.

A Workfront survey found employees spent just 45% of their time on primary job duties. So where did the rest of the time go? E-mail, meetings, "interruptions" and... administrative tasks.

Every position has them. They clutter up our days and keep us underwater and underperforming. Luckily, there’s a solution to freeing up your time: hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants work on an on-demand basis. A Virtual Assistant can work a set number of hours each week, only for the length of a specific project or on a more flexible schedule.

Virtual Assistants help with tasks that take up valuable time you can spend on higher value tasks -- like driving revenue or strategizing growth. Entrepreneurs often think, "I can do that myself." And while it might be true in many cases, it doesn’t make each task worthy of your valuable time and attention.

Here are two easy ways to tell you’re ready to hire a Virtual Assistant:

  • When you have a list of the same tasks on a regular basis: E-mail management, customer service, travel arrangements, expense reports, bookkeeping. These small tasks chip away from your week.

  • When you've taken the time to conduct a cost-benefit analysis: You’ve heard that "20% of the tasks provide 80% of the value." Use your list of repetitive tasks to add up how much time you spent on these projects each week -- and just how much of your own funds are being spent completing them.

When it comes time to hire a Virtual Assistant, the team at Virtual Assist USA would be happy to help you asses your needs and find you the perfect match.


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