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When Does a Business Owner Need a Virtual Assistant?

When Does a Business Owner Need a Virtual Assistant?

Your business is growing fast and you need someone to manage your day-to-day administrative, operational and marketing tasks-- but you're not ready to bring on a full-time staff, just yet anyway.

So When Does a Business Owner Need a Virtual Assistant?

You may need a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is like a fractional employee. A fractional employee or Virtual Assistant is an expert in their field and bring specialized skills and knowledge. In our organization, our fractional employees operate as an employee of Virtual Assist USA, providing services on an as-needed basis. They typically have multiple clients and work remotely, using their own equipment and resources. These professionals are able to provide valuable support and expertise to a company without the commitment and expense of hiring a full-time employee. "Fractional hiring" is a practice that allows companies - of all sizes - to benefit from experts with strong skillsets and experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee. This type of fractional work helps small businesses to make short-term hiring decisions that contribute to long-term growth.

Fractional hiring is an important — and sometimes underutilized — hiring strategy in this competitive job market. This practice helps small businesses tap into a valuable talent and benefit from skills without paying the same costs, covering the overhead fees, and state/federal mandates as hiring their own employee.

And the retainer-style nature of fractional work as a VA allows the VA to become more familiar with your organization over time, investing more time and attention to your business than a freelancer who would only care about completing the scope of work. Using a VA Team - is a long term investment into your company for a fraction of the price of hiring your own employee.

For growth-stage companies, rarely, if ever, do they need many full time employees -- a full time marketing specialist, a full time operations manager, etc. Rather, savvy business' founders opt to hire a Virtual Assistant because they allow you to lower costs and compliance requirements, without sacrificing quality output.

Telltale signs that your growth-stage business is ready for a VA:

  • The CEO focuses on distracting financial reporting or projections multiple times a day

  • The CEO works on multiple client contracts at a time to include the entire administrative burden

  • The CEO handles all marketing, social media and content development

  • Your business expects to grow in the next 12-18 months


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