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Hiring a Virtual Assistant Agency versus Individual?

hiring a virtual assistant agency or individual

How do you know when you should be hiring a Virtual Assistant agency or an individual?

Think of a Virtual Assistant company as an agency for finding and working with a Virtual Assistant. \The process itself is simple - the Virtual Assistant company learns your needs and matches you with a Virtual Assistant who is the right fit for your company in terms of their working style, experience and time zone.

Of course, this saves you a significant amount of time and effort on the front end since you're not posting job ads, sifting through applications and scheduling interviews.

Additionally, as the Virtual Assistant is an employee of the agency, as they are at Virtual Assist USA, you can rest assured that there is a screening process in place with background checks and reference verification.

Additional benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant agency or company include:

  • Backup coverage - if your Virtual Assistant is out sick or on vacation, you won't experience any service interruption because there is always another resource ready to set up in as backup.

  • Multiple skill sets on one team - if you're working with a Virtual Assistant for your administrative needs but find that you need a one-time graphic design project, there's another expert on the team who can jump in and help. Also, occasionally, businesses will reach a plateau in their growth and a new Virtual Assistant may be just what they need to get over that hurdle and advance to the next level.

  • Reliability - having the benefit of an established company to trust.

  • Handle disputes or difficult conversations - there will be a trusted process in place if you're dissatisfied with the work .

  • Continuing education - at a company like Virtual Assist USA, we continue to invest in our team members with advanced and continuing education coursework. Our diligence in bettering our employees means that they're always bringing their best to the table.

  • Recruitment costs - a VA agency absorbs the costs of recruiting, sourcing, hiring and retaining employees so you can focus your dollars in other areas of your business.

The quality and dependable support of a Virtual Assistant agency offers assurance of reliability, backup coverage, and access to diverse skill sets. By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant agency, businesses can benefit from cost savings, peace of mind, and uninterrupted productivity, ultimately allowing them to focus on driving growth and innovation in their core operations.


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