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What Does Money Bliss Look Like For You? An Interview with Hanna Bier

Some studies show that as much as 70-90% of people report that money is their biggest source of stress. We carry the weight and the tension surrounding money in our bodies. We know that money matters, but why is it that some of us are able to be relaxed with our money while some of us find it a source of anxiety?

In our recent podcast episode, we sat down with money mentor Hanna Bier. Hanna is an energy healer, life coach, and advocate for healthy relationships with money. Her grandparents were refugees who lost everything. Because of her family dynamic, she was raised feeling that money could be taken away at any moment. That lack of security in her relationship with money led to her discovering that it was hard to trust that she would have financial provision.

money bliss hanna bier

Bier shared about her desire for everyone to experience the blissfulness that should come with money. People should be happy with their money, it should foster a sense of joy, creativity and security. In order to get to that place, we have to heal internally and externally in regard to

our financial beliefs.

As an energy healer, Bier can see the energy around people. It’s a gift that she’s always had. She can even see where people are holding their tension. She reads her clients' energy fields and walks them through releasing their energy blocks so they can see more clearly.

Through this process, Bier is helping to externally heal her clients so they might feel the release of the tension they previously held.

Bier recognizes that there’s a sizable stigma surrounding money and finances. More money isn’t always the solution, but we don’t need to gain more money in order to heal from our anxieties surrounding money. Even with little money, we should still be able to find joy and bliss in our finances. When we experience shame in our financial situations, Bier says it’s an invitation to be healed. The money bliss that Bier describes looks different for different people. You have to consider how you are wired and work toward healing internally and externally to release the anxieties we’ve picked up from our families and begin to lean into the joy that we can experience instead.

What does money bliss look like for you?

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