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The Way We Employ Our Team of Virtual Assistants -- And Why We Do It Outside of the Box

ceo danielle cuomo on employees

Post by our CEO: Danielle Julia Cuomo, MBA

A Virtual Assistant company might have a flashy website or a popular podcast, but the true strength of the firm lies with the people – and top talent deserves to be well remunerated.

In a professional services business like running a Virtual Assistant company, where people are our product, this is important. Virtual Assistant companies that only hire freelancers or lowball salaries open the door to flight risk.

On the contrary, the Virtual Assist USA team is made up of full-time employees-- not contractors, freelancers or part-timers. This means our team is made up of dedicated, committed and loyal team members who stay for the long-haul. For our clients, this translates to increased responsiveness --> faster turnaround --> reduced turnover. As other Virtual Assistant companies do, it would be more profitable to pay our VAs low rates.

Yet, there's a hidden cost to paying less.

The battle for talent is notorious. I knew that to attract the best talent, I had to offer steady employment, paid time off and help our people plan for their future retirement. If I could offer something on those fronts, my Virtual Assistants would come to work more focused, engaged, and committed.

By paying our employees above-the-average rate in the industry, we're providing above-the-average work. Our team is paid well. In fact, we pay our Virtual Assistant team about 70% more than our competitors. They receive a complete benefits package. They receive generous paid time off. Treating our employees well is important to us.

We still have some of the most competitive, affordable rates in the industry-- so it doesn't mean that our clients are paying any more for our services than the next guy. But, what it does mean is that it's not all about profit margin for us. It's about doing the right thing and showing our employees that we value them.

When you work with our Virtual Assistant team, you know that you are hiring a team that is well-compensated, highly appreciated, and committed to contributing to your business.

In Gratitude,


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