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The Art of Caring Leadership Podcast with Heather Younger

Employees shouldn’t feel like numbers on a payroll that can be replaced at any moment. Team members should feel valued and heard by their leaders. Heather R. Younger, CEO and Founder of Employee Fanatix brings an insightful perspective to the challenges most working people face today. Younger is the acclaimed author of two best-selling books, The Art of Caring Leadership and The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty, and currently hosts the podcast Leadership With Heart.

podcast with heather younger

Embedded inside The Art of Caring Leadership is the secret to creating a culture of listening. Caring leadership is showing genuine concern and kindness towards those who look to you for guidance and leadership. Leadership, in this case, is truly all about heart, the people around you, and the interactions you have with them. Ask yourself: When your team members approach you for help, are you brushing them off quickly? Or are you taking their hand and truly guiding them towards the next step?

“I wrote The Art of Caring Leadership as a wake up call,” Younger writes on her website. “It’s an invitation for leaders who want to uplift their teams and organizations by putting their people first.”

The Art of Caring Leadership encourages readers to take action instead of spending their days sitting behind a desk. A caring leader makes a difference within their organization by working alongside their employees to make sure they feel included, valued, and understood. If you’re looking to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement, then you need to care for your employees first. And remember this golden rule: employees will judge you based on your actions, not your intentions.

The physical act of caring and being a leader with heart makes The Art of Caring Leadership work for us, our workplace, and the world. As Younger reminds us, “If your people know you care about them, they will move mountains.”

Listen to Heather Younger's podcast on Not Your Average CEO: LifelineNOW

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