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Power of Networking: Building Connections for Business Success

networking for business success

“No man is an island.”

If you want to build your career, networking for business success should be an essential part of it. Especially now, in light of the pandemic, we are more isolated than ever before. This is the perfect opportunity to consider new ways to network and build a work community that will guide growth.

You do not have to network with everyone or force friendships. The goal is to explore a mutual fit. Forbes explains that you “first study how you can contribute to their success, in addition to how you stand to benefit from their knowledge” (1). Through this process, you will establish a network of people that will have a measurable effect on you and your business.

It makes you noticeable!

Consider how you network – both in-person and virtually – and be open to online conferences, personal email outreach, forums, new apps, etc. Not only does this give you the chance to listen to other people and solicit ideas, but it can also have a direct impact on your SEO (search engine optimization). When other organizations publish a conference or forum listing your name, and you do as well, it makes you more credible in the eyes of the internet. This gives potential new business good resources to decide whether or not to reach out.

It creates an avenue to share ideas and gain new opportunities

Everyone benefits from a brainstorming session every once in a while. What better group to share ideas with than your network! You never know what opportunities may arise when your network is your sounding board, and they know what you have in mind.

It is an extra library and improves your creative intellect

Libraries are so much more than a building where you borrow books. They can also include a knowledgebase of individuals who can be resources. You will be surprised how even just one conversation with someone can redirect the course of your research of business model. Likeminded people have the power to improve your creative intellect.

Provides high profile support and status change

High profile connections with the same career past can help you break through barriers in your career path. They have been there before, had similar dreams, and can help you develop a roadmap or link you to the right individuals. Your status is in lifelong development, and this can catapult you in the right direction.

Self-confidence galore!

What better way to be recharged than through connections with people who are on the same wavelength! Not only will it remind you that you are not alone on the island, but it can guide you toward the right training necessary to equip you with skillsets that will give you that boost, help you excel in interviews, and help you maintain a positive mindset.

Networking is not always easy, and it is long term work, but taking the time and using your energy to build these mutual relationships is a powerful tool for your career. You will find more enjoyment in your career with these give-and-take relationships. Those who prioritize networking will attest that they have been able to build careers in line with their passions and goals.



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