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Podcast Appearance: The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai

Danielle recently appeared on two podcast episodes of The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai, where he delves into the minds of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Dr. Yishai is a psychologist and adaptability coach to entrepreneurs, business executives, and leaders. It is his mission to unlock the minds, thought processes, strategies, and hard-earned lessons from industry leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs to extract and share core ideas, principles, skills, and strategies so that listeners can learn and apply.

In this casual, yet thoughtful conversation, Dr. Yishai and Danielle discuss journeys of evolution and adaptation. Whether you are beginning your journey, have some experience under your belt, or a seasoned entrepreneur or business leader there is so much you can gain by subscribing and learning from the experience and wisdom of others to grow yourself and your company at any stage.

Listen to the podcast episodes here:

#67: Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Must (iTunes and Spotify)

#68 Virtual Connection and Collaboration (iTunes and Spotify)

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