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Mastering Virtual Assistant Matchmaking: How We Find Your Perfect VA Fit

Making the Perfect VIrtual Assistant Match

You've come to the realization that you need to hire a Virtual Assistant, but being matched with the ideal Virtual Assistant can seem like an uphill struggle. Historically, VA companies typically assigned new clients (or Virtual Assistant matchmaking) to VAs based on who was next up on the bench. And, as you may imagine, that was rarely successful - because frankly, no consideration or care was given.

We've revolutionized this process. We recognized that it was crucial to prioritize finding the right VA and client match based on soft skills, work behavior, personality traits -- and of course, practical considerations like time zones and software expertise. With our deep understanding of your requirements, extensive talent pool, and proprietary matching system, Virtual Assist USA simplifies the hiring process, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Here are some tips we'd like to share:

  1. Compatibility is key: Your VA must not only possess the technical skills but also align with your behavioral tendencies, work styles, and problem-solving approaches. For example, our Virtual Assistants each complete a DiSC assessment, which categorizes individuals into four main personality types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. We then use the results to understand how our Virtual Assistants may interact with their clients, their communication styles, and their preferred work environments. We then match our VA's DiSC profiles with the requirements of the job role that our clients need. For example, a role requiring assertiveness is better suited for candidates with dominant traits.

  2. Focus on the details: Our proprietary assessment and matching process helps us gain insights into Virtual Assistant's preferred ways of tackling tasks, handling challenges, and approaching projects. And, we take a look at what the client's specific needs are and we align those requirements and responsibilities. For instance, a role demanding innovation and creativity would benefit from a Virtual Assistant with high Quick Start scores on the Kolbe Assessment.

  3. Take the time: We structure our onboarding questions based on the insights gleaned from our 17 years of experience in the industry. We ask questions of new clients to find out their working preferences and assess their working culture.

  4. Complementary profiles: We consider how our Virtual Assistants' expertise and soft skills complement those of the client. We aim for a balance of strengths and working styles within the client/Virtual Assistant relationship. Of course, this not only fosters understanding and appreciation among the two, but it also promotes effective communication and collaboration-- which is critical for success in hiring a Virtual Assistant.

  5. Speedy solutions: Most clients approach us needing a VA yesterday. With our system, we can onboard in 1-2 business days, eliminating the need for client's to spend time crafting job descriptions, posting on platforms, resume screening, and interview scheduling. This prevents delays in filling crucial roles and minimizes distractions for your existing team.

  6. Pre-vetting: Our VAs undergo thorough vetting, testing, and background checks before joining our team, ensuring reliability from the start.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant marks a pivotal step in streamlining your workload and boosting productivity. Yet, the process of finding the ideal match can often feel daunting. At Virtual Assist USA, we've redesigned and reimagined this process, prioritizing compatibility, expertise, and efficiency. Our commitment to understanding your requirements, coupled with our extensive talent pool and proprietary matching system, expedites the hiring process without compromising quality. With onboarding tailored to uncovering working preferences and enhancing collaboration, we set the stage for successful client-VA relationships.


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