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50 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

tasks a virtual assistant can do for you

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a different approach to hiring a regular employee. And while it's becoming a popular hack to hire a Virtual Assistant, some clients get stuck with how to best utilize their Virtual Assistants. See below for tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do for you:

1. Social Media Management and Growth

2. Lead Tracking

3. Following up with prospective clients

4. Hosting webinars

5. Calendar management

6. Write & Revise Processes for Workflows

7. Lead generation/searching for leads

8. Finding contact information for leads

9. Applying for conferences, webinars, and podcasts to increase visibility/speaking engagements

10. Expense reporting

11. Copywriting

12. Editing

13. Proofreading

14. Creating PowerPoint/Prezi Presentations

15. Website revisions

16. Content development

17. Booking and preparing travel accommodations (hotel, flight, rental car, transport options.)

18. Coordinate details for events

19. Create and send e-mail blasts

20. Monitor email engagement and website traffic

21. Translate documents from Spanish to English/vice versa

22. Document/File management (organization and tracking)

23. Transcription

24. Invoicing and Billing

25. Database (build, entry and updates)

26. Basic Bookkeeping

27. Personal tasks

28. Basic Graphic Design

29. SEO optimization

30. Recruitment

31. Marketing

32. Basic Video editing

33. Project management

34. Onboarding/Offboarding clients

35. Contract review and management

36. Vendor management (communication and coordination)

37. Legal research

38. Logistics

39. Email management

40. Client management

41. Draft pleadings/discovery

42. Conducting depositions

43. Answering Service

44. Keyword research

45. Analytics

46. Customer support

47. Professional Networking

48. Training

49. Payment processing

50. Podcast management


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