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5 Things in the Workplace Set to Change

This year brought a lot of change - and that change is going to keep coming thanks to Virtual Assistants (VAs) changing up the business landscape. Not only should you be prepared to see advancements in the way VAs work with their clients, but you should be prepared to acknowledge the huge savings that VAs are providing businesses across the country.

Here are 5 things in the workplace climate that will be set to change:

1. The Need for an In-House Expert

Say goodbye to a brand new hire with the specific skill set(s) that your business needs. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to do the job instead provides relief from payroll, taxes, benefits, and more. Once their work is finished, they can assist in other ways (if desired) or simply can stop being utilized without the hassle of being tied down to their employee status.

2. Those Hiring Virtual Assistants

Once upon a time Virtual Assistants were only hired by senior executives. Luckily, advances in technology have made it possible for even the smallest business owners succeed with their own VA to help them. Video chatting, instant messaging, cloud sharing services, and online shared drives make it easy to keep in touch with, assign tasks to, and share documents with a VA.

3. A Shift in Focus

With hiring a Virtual Assistant comes more free time to focus on what matters. There will be less time spent on your own and your employees’ efforts for things like research, outreach, bookkeeping, lead sifting, and more. Letting a VA handle tasks that are otherwise time-consuming can result in a shift of serious, productive focus so that you and your team can get things done.

4. The Potential for Burn-Out

Workplace fatigue is a real problem. Many teams already struggle with multi-tasking, attending meetings, following up with important deadlines, and communicating. There are times when work is just too much - for yourself as a business owner and for your employees as team members. Hiring a VA can significantly decrease the burnout that you and your team feels by taking over where necessary, stepping in, and alleviating the burden of needing to do “as much as possible” internally.

5. Freedom to Establish Relationships

For the majority of businesses the relationships they build and maintain with their clients is the core of what they do. However, it can be hard to focus on nurturing those relationships when hands are tied elsewhere. A VA can assist on the backend by taking care of work in the CRM, creating and implementing campaigns, helping with reminders, and much more. That gives you the freedom to really hone in on how your clients feel about their relationship with you and your business, inviting you to a better, perhaps more directly personal one.

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