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5 Steps Towards a Strategy Session

Did you know that Virtual Assist USA provides strategy sessions with our operations and initiatives experts?

These sessions provide brainstorming, planning and initiative assistance to business owners that are looking for clarity, direction, and guidance.

In this article we will discuss how to prepare for a strategy session and hit on some points on recognizing when a session like this would benefit you and your company.

Getting ready for your session:

Think about your pain points. What are your weaknesses.

What are you struggling with and why? Understanding your pain points and bringing them to a conscious level will allow you to plan around these skillsets. Are your pain points currently being addressed? Having a counterpart with a complimenting behavioral style allows for a homeostatic work space and optimal pathways for not only success but growth potential.

What goals do you want to accomplish and the time span.

Do you have any goals that you have been wanting to work on and it keeps getting tossed to the side? What about goals that you feel like you just can't complete and its taking up a lot of time? These are the perfect tasks to bring to a strategy session to work on a definitely plan and steps to move forward.

Review the current tasks you do on a daily basis.

Using a calendar management system will help you become the most efficient version of yourself. Understand and take a look at what tasks you are currently handling. This can be helpful in putting things into perspective as to what should be delegated. If you are finding that you are overwhelmed with tasks it might be a good time to have an outsider give you a second pair of eyes on what items are necessary and what can be reassessed.

Think about your strong attributes.

Assessing where you shine most is where your focus should come into play. Ask yourself if you feel your strong skillsets are being utilized on a daily basis and are they helpful in moving the company forward? Writing down and visualizing your strengths and weaknesses brings awareness and a certain level of motion, giving light to where our focus should land.

Figure out how much you pay yourself per hour.

When you are able to figure out how much you pay yourself per hour, you can calculate whether or not you are profitable as a unit of your company. If you are the driving force for sales and vision - doing admin tasks such as scheduling or email management will hinder the number of sales that come through the door - and ultimately costs you X amount of dollars for admin work. If you are questioning how much you pay yourself per hour, then a strategy session may be the first step towards a greater profitability.

Virtual Assist USA service offers a 45min strategy session - talk with one of our experts today.


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