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3 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Small Business

Every business was impacted by the pandemic, in some way. And while the depth of impact is different for every business, one thing is constant and that is that digital marketing is a lifeline for small businesses during these uncertain times.

Here are three key strategies to boost your small business with digital marketing:

  1. Targeted outreach to help clients in need: Actively and empathetically listen to your target market's concerns, needs and feedback. Work on how to deliver value to them in a post-pandemic world. You can drive performance with retargeting campaigns, which offer focused, well-timed targeted ads to those who previously interacted with your business online.

  2. Re-optimize your website: Ensure that your web presence is properly targeted by doing a SEO audit and making sure that you're up to date on all best practices. This is also a good time to evaluate your content and add affiliate partnerships if you have any (giving a shout out to a partner business is a great way to build rapport).

  3. Spread positivity: Right now, the world needs more good news and generosity – not tone deaf or overly sales-y messages. Aligning with your company’s values, be inspiring in a helpful, authentic way that connects with your audience and applies to the current situation. Showcase an upbeat, useful take on your products or offer extra services that are practical and necessary during this time. If it is feasible for your business, find ways to donate your products or volunteer your services.

Whether your strategy right now is focused on short-term survival or long-term planning, digital marketing can be a much-needed boost for your bottom line. If you can thoughtfully and innovatively adjust your strategy for these times, you'll come out no worse for the wear.


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