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How Clients Can Work with their Virtual Assistants

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a key ingredient to clearing your to-do list and positioning your company for more growth. The savviest entrepreneurs leverage their time with talented workers rather than trying to do it all themselves.

To buy more time in your work day, alleviate stress and start working on your business rather than in it, consider outsourcing these tasks to your Virtual Assistant.

  1. Manage email inbox by performing "inbox triage" and reducing the client's email load by 80% or more

  2. Social media management and strategic growth planning

  3. Lead generation and tracking

  4. Reaching out to referrals on a regular basis

  5. Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones.

  6. Host webinars

  7. Write and revise processes for workflows and SOPs

  8. Search for new business leads

  9. Applying for shows, webinars and podcasts that would be a good fit

  10. Expense reporting

  11. Create Powerpoint/Prezi presentations

  12. Highlight important calendar events like birthdays, anniversaries and client milestones.

  13. Website revisions and ongoing maintenance

  14. Make travel arrangements and present detailed itineraries

  15. Make purchases on your behalf, after finding the right price and product.

  16. Prepare documents and agreements

  17. Search for opportunities for guest blog posts

  18. Send and create email blasts to client email lists

  19. Observing competitors on social media by looking at rankings, online visibility and keyword prioritization

  20. Create content such as blogs, newsletters, and offer letters

  21. Reconcile bookkeeping on a monthly basis

  22. Researching key hashtags

  23. Handle all customer service inquiries

  24. Doing regular website backups to prevent data loss

  25. Video editing and creation; uploading files to YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo

  26. Assist with speaking engagements, including creating audiovisual materials and marketing the speaker

  27. Competitive research

  28. Answer support tickets/questions

  29. Create branded designs for print and social media

  30. Writing down minutes from meetings and then creating a detailed document

  31. Optimize website for better search results

  32. Transcribe audio or visual recordings

  33. Create reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales, etc.

  34. Attend meetings with clients and stakeholders to take minutes

  35. Interviewing previous customers to compose case studies

  36. Set up and manage a CRM

  37. Set up and create a landing page

  38. Off-page optimization: commenting on other blogs, participating in forums and message boards and responding to the public on

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