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Enhancing Your Team Collaboration

When working virtually, it can be a significant challenge to bring team members together in an engaging way. After over a decade, we have a learned a few tips and tricks to creating a collaborative environment in a virtual workspace.

On Wednesdays, our team gathers to do group training's and round table discussions. It is a great way to bring your remote team together in a way that engages and enhances.

For example, last week we gathered to view Sarah Lewis' TedTalk on Embracing the Near Win. In the video, Lewis discusses the idea that it is the near win that propels us forward, and emphasizes that "mastery is in the reaching, not the arriving." Lewis explains that we should find motivation in all that we have left to accomplish, rather than fixating on our past successes or perceived failures. In other words, it's the journey that matters, not the destination.

This resonated with many of our Virtual Assistants, as our employees are constantly striving to better themselves, whether that means mastering a new program, or coming up with new organizational structures to help an overwhelmed client. It also served as a nice reminder to our VAs that nobody is perfect; as Lewis pointed out, even esteemed personages like Franz Kafka and Paul Cezanne, were in constant turmoil and doubt over the quality of their work. Lewis encouraged us to look at our mistakes not as failures, but as teachable moments that will prevent further error in the future. After viewing the webinar, our VAs discussed which points spoke to their experiences and how we as VAs can continue to strive for excellence.

This is an excellent webinar to choose if you are looking to motivate your team and stimulate conversation about what success looks like at your company. Try viewing the webinar with your team, followed by a discussion:

  • How can we employ Lewis' ideas in our day to day operations?

  • What does success mean to you?

  • How do you overcome failure?

Give it a try! And see how this exercise resonates with your remote team!

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