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Celebrating our 14th Year in the Virtual Assistant Business


It all seemed to happen so fast, and yet nothing happened overnight. So today, we take a look back at what 14 years has meant to our company and the Virtual Assistant industry as a whole. And now it's the business anniversary of our Virtual Assistant company!

When we started in 2008, our economy was enjoying a strong wave of growth and innovation. And then, the Great Recession was upon us.

Our business was the result of a common complaint: businesses needed assistance but they couldn't afford to hire an employee, nor did they care to. We came up with a solution that not only benefited those who could not afford the financial and compliance implications of a full time employee, but also those whose locations could not support one.

We started working with solo-preneurs like authors, professional speakers, thought-leaders and coaches - with what we knew. Larger companies like law firms and financial advisory companies took notice. Businesses were beginning to recognize the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant. Clients stuck around and referred new business to us. Today, customer referrals remain the top source of customers for us, and it brings me great personal joy to know we are helping other businesses grow by keeping alive that personal caller experience.

Over the years, we've worked with thousands of companies around the world, helping them create, innovate and grow. We've made countless enhancements and improvements to our offerings to create the best possible method for hiring Virtual Assistants.

Reflecting on the past decade and a half in business and what comes to mind are the opportunities where we’ve played a significant role for our clients. And along the way, we had some wins, too:

  • We've received approximately 25 awards for our success in business including Chase Bank's Smart Business -- Innovation Award and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  • We became the only Virtual Assistant company to hire employees rather than contractors, disrupting the industry standard

  • We reached 6, and then 7, figures in sales

  • Our team developed competency with over 85 different web apps

  • We launched our own podcast, Not Your Average CEO Lifeline, with three members of our management team

To our clients: It's been an honor to work with you. Thank you for believing in us and our abilities to help you achieve your vision of success, while always challenging us to be better. Many of you have become friends and mentors, allowing us to grow and learn individually, and as a company.

To our team members: To be in business for 14 years requires having incredible people on your side. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work each and every day with a group of talented, proactive and passionate professionals. I deeply admire your willingness to give of yourselves and help each other.

To our partners: I would also like to thank the vendors and partners we collaborate with to deliver incredible work that makes a positive, sustainable impact on our client's businesses. You are fused with our team and we are proud to work with you.

Truthfully, back in 2008, I wasn't even sure if this would be a viable option in 6 months. But here we sit, 14 years later, on a rapid ascent -- driven by the rise in remote work and an on-demand culture. Here's to the next 14!

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