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Podcast Appearance: Wealth Tactic Rebels

Wealth Tactic Rebels, hosted by seasoned financial expert Kevin Dumont, is a weekly podcast showcasing entrepreneurial success stories and uncovering new ways of building wealth.

Our founder and president, Danielle, appeared on the podcast to discuss the benefits of working virtually, especially in these unprecedented times. As more people continue to hire Virtual Assistants to increase their productivity and reduce their costs, Virtual Assist USA stands out as the expert in this field. In the 22 minute episode: Increase Productivity; Hire a Virtual Assistant, Danielle and Kevin sit down to discuss:

-- How our clients benefitted from the use of a Virtual Assistant in a pandemic

-- How the idea of hiring virtually opens up doors for entrepreneurs

-- What Opportunity Cost is and how it comes into play for entrepreneurs

-- Best practices for hiring a Virtual Assistant

-- The value bomb - the mistake that most entrepreneurs make when hiring a Virtual Assistant

For more independent and out-of-the-box tips on wealth generation, listen to the other episodes of Wealth Tactic Rebels.

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