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Podcast Appearance: Marketing Tips for Doctors

The Marketing Tips for Doctors podcast, hosted by medical strategist, Dr. Barbara Hales, exists to share tips for doctors on how they can grow their practice without spending time away from their practice or home.

Our founder and president, Danielle, appeared on the podcast to discuss how our Virtual Assistant team provides all the benefits of an in-house staff without all the costs. In the 10 minute episode: Get All the Benefits of a Medical Office In-House Staff with a Virtual Assistant, Danielle and Dr. Hales sit down to discuss:

-- The role a Virtual Assistant plays in a medical office

-- The specific medical-office related tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do for a healthcare provider

-- How HIPAA compliance comes into play (and how Virtual Assist USA certifies compliance with our team and systems)

-- How to determine if a Virtual Assistant is the right route to go for your healthcare practice

-- Where to go to hire a Virtual Assistant, exactly what criteria you should look for and the particular questions you should ask

For more tips on how to add value and grow revenue in your medical practice regardless of your marketing knowledge, listen to the other episodes of Marketing Tips for Doctors.

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