Podcast Ideas for Your Small Business

March 13, 2020


As many day-to-day lives are upended, media like #podcasting is making a surge. Listening to podcasts affords you the opportunity to connect with your colleagues when you can't connect otherwise. They're a source of knowledge and a positive place of focus.


For those who are either starting or growing a podcast, here's a list of relevant, timely ideas to consider:


👍 Stress reduction experts and mental health professionals
👍 Financial and economic experts to discuss what's ahead, how to diversify and when to expect a bounce back
👍 Technology tools for effective remote work options
👍 The importance and implications of cybersecurity at this time
👍 The trials and tribulations of parenting (especially the funny stuff) while many schools are closed
👍 A small business segment where you interview independent shop owners or CEOs-- one of my personal favorites is the Eventual Millionaire podcast where self-made millionaires and CEOs are interviewed about how they grew their business


For podcast hosts, I encourage you to keep up the famous qualities that people love about podcasts -- intimacy, folksiness, a hanging-out-with-a-friend vibe.




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