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How Financial Advisors Can Leverage Virtual Assistants

Most financial advisors share a common vision for their practice -- Make more money, by working less time.

Podcast host James Pollard works with financial advisors to get them more clients. He invited our president, Danielle, to interview on The Financial Advisor Marketing podcast that he hosts. James and Danielle dive in to the best practices for leveraging Virtual Assistants.

  • How to get all the benefits of having an employee—without worrying about the paperwork and workload or having someone come into your office. (4:42)

  • Why hiring entry-level or “learning on the job” assistants can create more work for you, not less.

  • 3 things you can outsource right now to free up your time ASAP. (14:38)

  • The first step you need to take when hiring a VA—before even thinking about tasks to outsource. (19:50)

Financial advisors would also benefit from listening to a few of our favorites from James' recent podcasts, such as:

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