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5 Tasks an Attorney Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes, it can feel like attorneys are forced to make a choice: their own sanity or their immense workload.

As an attorney, there is always work to be done and never enough time to do it. It can be overwhelming just to handle daily tasks, which doesn’t leave you much time to network, grow your firm, or go that extra mile for a client. We all know we should delegate more, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to do.

Here are the top five tasks that a Virtual Assistant can take over for you:

  1. Deposition digests: You don’t need a law degree to write a deposition summary, which is why it is the perfect task to hand off to your Virtual Assistant. Rely on somebody that you can trust for this task, and it will free up an enormous amount of your time.

  2. Medical record reviews and preparations of chronologies: A good medical chronology arms your firm with the right tools to go to trial, examine a witness, or go to trial. But there is no denying that creating detailed chronologies can be a painstaking process. Give this assignment to somebody with the experience and time to give this task the attention it requires.

  3. Time tracking: Time tracking can be a royal pain, and many attorneys dread inputting it at the end of their billing cycles. Depending on your accounting software, a VA could take over this task for you.

  4. Template creation for contracts, form letters, motion practice, discovery requests and responses, etc.: Attorneys have to deal with a LOT of paperwork, but a VA can make the process a whole lot smoother by creating the templates you need, exactly when you need them.

  5. Scheduling and email inbox management: You would be surprised at how much of a positive impact a well-organized calendar or inbox can have on your sense of well-being and preparedness. Your VA can ensure that you have a strong organizational system in place, based on your individual needs.

Nobody promised that an attorney’s job would be easy, but it can be a little bit easier with the right team members. An effective VAs eliminates hassles so you can spend less time worrying about administrative nuisances, and more time focusing on winning cases for your clients.

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