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Read This if You Are Thinking About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Sure, there is automation software out there that can increase your productivity. And you could always go the old-school method of hiring an in-office assistant for 40 hours a week, and pay the benefits and taxes that go along with that.


You could do what thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world do - hire a Virtual Assistant! Here are some things to keep in mind if you are thinking about going this route.

1) Know what your working style is

We work with Type A entrepreneurs, with specific visions of how they want things done. We also work with other creatives who desire a proactive Virtual Assistant who can advise them on the best strategic moves. If you understand your own working style, you can be better matched with a VA. We have a proprietary matching process where we take all of these traits into consideration.

2) Understand that you get what you pay for

Although they're budget-friendly, an assistant operating at the lower end of the price range is unlikely to have C-suite experience, and the quality of work varies.

3) Build trust with your VA

Our teams collaborate with clients over the phone, email and video conferencing. To build trust between the parties, we do full federal background checks, carry insurance and have strict security protocols. We understand that trust builds in time between our clients and their assigned VAs, but you can rest easy knowing that all our assistants have been thoroughly vetted.

Productive and successful entrepreneurs and executives know their time is finite, and they can spend it wisely only with the help of others. Once you get a VA to free up your time, you’ll be amazed how much energy you have to focus on bigger picture projects. Get started today!

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