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What You Missed from the Google Marketing Live Conference

Here’s what you missed from the Google Marketing Live 2019 Conference

... that we’re currently implementing at Virtual Assist USA.

Seana here, Social Media Expert on the team at Virtual Assist USA and I have to say, when I got the invite to attend the Google Marketing Live 2019 Conference, I got my three P’s all ready. That’s pen, paper and popcorn. What can I say? I geek out on new digital knowledge because I believe it’s the way of our future and when you get a chance to learn from the gurus over at Google, sign me up!

While the livestream was 8+ exhilarating hours, I want to save you the time by focusing on the must-know details about what’ll soon be happening on the digital frontier and how your company can benefit. If you’re more of a skimming person, go ahead and scroll below and find the key takeaways in bold. Otherwise, happy reading and learning!

What’s new in Google Ads?

In a nutshell, Google ads are becoming more simple and user friendly. No more confusing interface, it’ll soon become much easier to run ads, select the right viewers and convert customers. What this means for your business is simple, you’ll save time and money - did someone just say, hallelujah? I know we did. In addition, companies will now be able to add Google video advertisements inside Gmail. We will soon see emails “come to life” as they’ll be interactive and engaging with video content. Imagine if your company is the first to try this, it’s bound to stand out among all other emails. You should also know that because of this, Google has suggested that you should expect a 25% less cost per lead on Google Ads versus any social media platform. Do you want to try and see? We’re game if you are (link to our services).

New! Bumper Ads…. like bumper cars? No, not quite.

What is it? They’re 90 second total Ads with a 6 seconds blitz video that can show on paid Youtube Ads and Google Ads. Think, a new quick and efficient way to get your brand across in today's fast-paced online world. What’s working really well right now with this type of Ad? Humor. If you’ve got something funny to say, do, create, promote about your company, now is the time to explore a Bumper Ads. Bonus points if you can “break the 4th wall” as we hear it leads to the Google Ads treasure chest, so they say. Are you up for the challenge? And by the way, we can help you with this.

New! Custom Audiences

You will now have a better understanding of your custom audiences before you pay for the Ad to run. Google says, they’re getting better at finding your target demographic and you should start to see exactly how many people in the target audience before running that ad so you’ll have better incite at making better Ad campaign decisions. This also means upgraded weekly impressions, audience expansion, further retargeting so you get the best bang for your buck. So, you might be thinking, “Cool Seana, how can I look up my audience and figure out these numbers?” We’ve got you covered. Book a call with us and we can walk you through this process.

If you take nothing else away, take this tip.

Create more video content. Simply put, video is everything today. Why is this important? Customers now more than ever are searching Youtube prior to making purchases. What’s in it for you? Consider making testimonial reviews, holding influencer spotlights, interviews, product unboxing, Q&A’s and anything that provides a ‘look inside’ along with gaining trust. Video is something you should be thinking about yesterday. Tie on your best lead integration tool with a great video and it’s like sprinkling fairy dust all over your funnel.

New! Shop Local Campaign Ads

Is your company in a physical location? If so, start looking into the benefits of Shop Local Ads You’ll be able to target your customers locally through highly optimized local targeting ads. You can promote your ’local pin’ to customers using Google map - how cool is that? Imagine a customer using Google maps and your company shows up. Reach out to us if you want more foot traffic, we’re here to help.

New! Google Trip Planning

Planning your next trip just got wicked cool. With Google Trip, you gain access to the lowest fare on your favorite airline, the best hotel deals based on stars, the weather forecast, reservations at restaurants, event/activities discounts, ALL IN ONE SPOT. Yes, that’s 1 click to open full trip planning and booking details. Why? Because Google wanted to make trip planning extremely easy. Imagine if you started using this for both your business and personal travel how much time and money you’d save.

New! Google Lens

Now this one is kinda freaky. We’ll let you be the judge. You can now snap a picture (ex: a dog) and Google Lens will tell you everything you need to know about the breed of the dog, care for the dog, and so much more. Facial recognition is going to be huge in the near future (data gathered from just our faces). We’re not really sure what this means for your business, but we’ll keep you posted when we find out.

The Podcast Popularity Explosion

2019 has seen an 85%+ increase in search for Podcasts and numbers keep growing. Are you considering one? Now is the time. There’s now opportunity to advertise on Google play music, Spotify and so many more options will be popping up soon. We suggest using tools such as to get started. It’s simple, easy and cross promote your podcast on all of the Podcast channels for you in 1 click. Yes, of course, we can help you set this up too.

Other ‘miscellaneous’ takeaways you should know from Google …

  • Customers now go to a website on average 6x before making a purchase.

  • Videos, videos, videos in 2019 and beyond. Get on it now while there is still attention.

  • Customers want customizable everything, how can you think outside of the box to apply this to your business? If you’re unsure, lets ask in a survey.

  • Get testimonials and reviews up on Youtube with a solid email funnel.

  • Google Discover is gathering unbelievable data on your customers, use it to understand and make decisions on what to do next.

  • You need someone on your team keeping up with keyword searches, hire them.

  • Start thinking about Deep Link Ads, 2X higher reach in customer conversion.

  • You’ve got to run your ad 7-9 times now for people to remember it.

  • Consider humor, it’s trending.

Alright, I finished my popcorn. I hope you took a valuable nugget or two away from this recap and as always, we’re here to support you in this next level of your business. Keeping up with the trends is one, behind ahead of them is another. We’re proud to offer this level of support to our clients and we hope to see you soon.

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