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Stop Feeling Busy! - Entrepreneur's MBA Podcast with Adam Kipnes

The Entrepreneur's MBA Podcast on Business Innovators Radio features practical, actionable real-life lessons from entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. Host Adam Kipnes is well-recognized as a top marketing strategist and business breakthrough specialist who consults with business owners on how to grow their leads and increase their annual revenue -- without budgeting for marketing or advertising. He's the go-to marketing coach and advisor for thousands of 6 and 7 figure business owners. Adam's success has had him featured on, and his system has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. You can visit Adam's consulting company, The 1495 Group, for more resources and growth hacks.

In this episode of the Entrepreneur's MBA, Adam interviews Virtual Assist USA founder and president, Danielle, about her experiences in the Virtual Assistant industry for more than a decade.

Take 22 minutes to listen to this podcast and walk away knowing:

  • How to scale yourself

  • The exact way to create more time in your business -- without hiring employees and in growing a team

  • Why you should never tell anyone "I'm so busy!"

  • Finding the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant

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