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Think like a CEO When It Comes to Hiring a Virtual Assistant

It’s only 1 pm on Monday, and your inbox is already full. There are requests for meetings. Deadlines are steadily approaching for tasks you haven’t even started yet. Not to mention, the snail mail is stacked up on your desk, and your oldest child is home sick from school with the flu.

You’ve dreamed of being your own boss and running your own business for years, but now that you are in the thick of it, you’re wondering what you were thinking! You’re in the trenches, day in and day out, alone with no backup.

Maybe you should hire an assistant? But, no, you aren’t “accomplished” enough for that yet. Assistants are only for CEOs and important people. When you think of an “assistant,” you think of the Hollywood types with a bluetooth in their ear and a Starbucks coffee - just the way you like it- in their hand.

That certainly isn’t what you need, and besides, you haven’t earned that right; haven’t paid your dues as a solopreneur. But, wait. Don’t you have big plans for your business? Every business owner wants their business to grow and be successful and profitable, so why keep having such a small mindset? If you continue to struggle to get the simplest tasks done and keep putting the essential duties off, how is your business ever going to be what you were dreaming about in the first place when you decided to go it alone?

Virtual Assistants make sense for those just starting out. No, a Virtual Assistant can't pick up your dry cleaning or hand you your latte. But, a Virtual Assistant can help you with the important stuff, the stuff that builds a business. No one does it alone. Behind every successful business owner is a team of people that supported them and helped them get to where they are. If you are trying to do everything alone, not only is your business going to suffer, but so are you.

You can start by giving a Virtual Assistant a few hours a month. Your relationship with that Virtual Assistant will grow as you and your business needs grow. You’ll have someone in your corner -- from day one -- who will be your right hand every step of the way. Having someone there for not only the day to day tasks, but someone to throw ideas off of and someone who can help your company run more efficiently can make all the difference in the world.

You took the big leap and started your own business. You may not feel like an important CEO yet, but it’s time to start thinking like one, and make the best decision for your work life and your family. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is one decision you won’t regret.

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