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Podcast Feature: Be a Hiring Hero

Our founder and President, Danielle, was recently interviewed on the Be a Hiring Hero podcast, for the topic of Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

>> When do you know you need to hire a Virtual Assistant?

>> How do you know what to delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

>> What questions should you ask when hiring a Virtual Assistant?

>> When is it time to fire your Virtual Assistant?

Listen to the podcast here: How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Podcast.

The Be a Hiring Hero podcast covers simple, effective efforts that business owners can do right now to find the right people to work in their company. This podcast doesn't include ideas or jagon, but proven methods, processes and information that is applicable to everyone.

The Be a Hiring Hero podcast is hosted by Jen Teague, who has over a decade of experience in recruiting and hiring. She started with her family’s employment agency and learned the ropes. During her time in the corporate world, she worked in numerous industries including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. These opportunities allowed her to see mistakes and good practices in recruiting and hiring. Through virtual courses and one-on-coaching, she teaches startups and business owners on how to minimize the headaches of bad hiring decisions by providing do-able strategic plans and proven tools to get the right employees. Jen has been featured in numerous publications including,, and Fox Business. She is the host of the #BeAHiringHero podcast, published every Tuesday on all major podcast outlets. To contact her, visit her website ( and follow her on social media through #BeAHiringHero.

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