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We're Celebrating National Small Business Week

Every year, our Virtual Assistant team comes together to celebrate National Small Business Week, sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

National Small Business Week is May 5–11, 2019

The national event recognizes the essential contributions of America’s small business owners and entrepreneurs to our nation’s economy. From the first seed of a dream to hiring their first team to growing their own venture beyond what they could have imagined -- small business owners are the force behind our nation's economy, about 2/3 of it, in fact!

To the entrepreneurs: Thank you for driving innovation, fostering healthy competition and inspiring the next generation of business owners.

At Virtual Assist USA, we love celebrating entrepreneurs by helping to start, grow and manage their ventures. We are so proud to spend our careers nurturing our client's dreams.

If you're ready to make your ideal real - or take your business to the next level - it may be time to hire a Virtual Assistant.

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