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Everything You Wanted to Know About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Have you ever reached the end of the day and you look back and wonder where the time went? You probably find that you've wasted hours on mundane, unproductive - yet necessary - tasks.

But you're not alone. As a recent survey conducted by McGraw Hill found that U.S. workers spend only 45% of their weekly working hours on primary responsibilities. Astonishingly, the remaining 55% of time was spent reading emails and other administrative tasks. This is an alarming number of unproductive hours.

Insert: hiring a Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant company provides individuals hired to help you complete specific projects, from administrative tasks like calendar management and travel scheduling to specialized skills such as ghostwriting and social media management.

When do you know when it's time to get help?

Every entrepreneur thinks"But I can just do that myself." Yes, that's true - but does it make sense? Is every administrative task worthy of your time and attention? There are a few ways that you'll know that you're ready to hire a Virtual Assistant. First, it's an excellent time to hire an assistant when you have a list of regular, repetitive tasks (like managing daily emails or generating weekly reports.) Add up how much time you're wasting on those tasks each week and calculate how much of your salary is being spent on the time it tasks to get them done.

Where do you find a Virtual Assistant?

There are several options when it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant. You can hire an individual freelancer but then you run the risk of service interruption when that freelancer is out sick or on vacation. And you don’t always know who you are hiring or the quality of their work. This is why many entrepreneurs turn to hiring a Virtual Assistant company for the professionalism, loyalty and continuity. Most Virtual Assistant companies hire experienced assistants who have already been pre-screened and adhere to the highest standards.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

It's simple - because you need more time to focus on growing your business, spending time with your family or doing the activities that make you happy. You should be focused on what you do best and let an experienced assistant take on those routine tasks that waste your valuable time.

How do you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Be sure to set clear expectations in the business and communicate freely with your new Virtual Assistant. For every process that you'd like to task out, take the time to write each step down, include screenshots when applicable, and add nuanced insight into how you prefer these tasks be completed.

It’s time for you to do the work that counts for your business. Try and see what they can do for your personal well-being and professional growth.

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