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How Virtual Assistants Are Driving Business Value

Leading organizations are leveraging Virtual Assistants to streamline operations and better serve the needs of staff and customers alike.

The rise of professional Virtual Assistants have been on the rise for some time now, more than a decade, with the growing popularity of small businesses outsourcing to VA teams. Virtual Assistants are now also making headway in larger corporations who are looking to leverage Virtual Assistants for a variety of tasks like executive email management and triage, bookkeeping, social media management, help desk support, market research and more.

Here are some suggested best practices for entrepreneurs and executives looking to implement and maintain Virtual Assistants:

Emphasize Teamwork

The team concept is an important component in the success of working with a Virtual Assistant. By working as a team with your new Virtual Assistant, you can provide input and feedback as your VA works on new tasks, creating a stronger outcome for your business. You don't need to obsess over creating a precise long-term roadmap, but rather work agile and focus on the tasks you most want to delegate.

Build a roadmap

Companies should build a roadmap for using Virtual Assistants in order to gain value. A new Virtual Assistant user should have a list of the type of tasks in which their Virtual Assistant can be used, such as those repetitive daily tasks that are important and/or urgent, but don't need to be done directly by the CEO of the company. This is where most of the deployments happen today-- where companies can use Virtual Assistants to automate frequent tasks and projects.

Start now

The technology to utilize a Virtual Assistant is available. Virtual Assistants have proven to be highly effective for small and large businesses alike. The only thing worse than being 3 months behind is wishing you had started 6 months sooner.

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