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How to Plan to Delegate Your Day

To figure out which activities could be side-tracking you-- and which activities you should be delegating to your Virtual Assistant -- we suggest tracking every single thing you do for an entire day and then categorizing your actions into several buckets:

  • Critical: Two or three work activities which matter most. These should be focused on growth and revenue-generation.

  • Preferable: Activities which can be skipped if they interfere with critical ones. These can be tasks like writing a blog post or updating the copy on your website.

  • Necessary: Tasks such as checking e-mails and filing invoices

  • Sacred: Two or three non-negotiables involved in your health and well-being, such as a daily walk or dinner time with your family.

  • Unnecessary: Everything else.

With a better perspective on how you tend to waste time, it’s just a matter of starting to delegate. Even the most successful entrepreneurs get hung up because they're thinking about the 100 tasks involved in their week. Don't.

Divide your tasks up into the list below. The only ones you should be performing yourself are Critical and Sacred.

The rest can easily be delegated to your experienced Virtual Assistant team.

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