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Our Virtual Assistant Company is Now a Certified Google Partner

A well-crafted Google AdWords campaign can make a huge difference for your brand, and to have a well-crafted campaign, you’ll need an agency that understands the innerworkings of Google.

Our Virtual Assistant company has long been frustrated by the lack of organization and authority when it comes to online advertising—we often have new clients who come to us and say that they’ve wanted to pursue online advertising but they fear hiring an agency or Virtual Assistant company that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Virtual Assist USA is proud to announce that we are now a Certified Google Partner.

This means that when you’re working with our Virtual Assistants, you have a Google Certified Professional behind the scenes running your campaigns. This is the paramount reason why we enrolled in the Google Partner Program. This direct Certification by Google program provided our team with specialized training – and ultimately, certification – in areas of search advertising, pay-per-click campaigns and Google analytics. Virtual Assist USA is qualified to assist you with AdWords campaigns, keyword strategy and budget decisions.

We have access to Google’s newest beta features where Virtual Assist USA is requested to test and use new Google features before they are available to the other Virtual Assistant companies and the general public. We also participate in continued education designed to increase our mastery and widen our overall expertise, so that we can continue to provide our clients with the vey best of digital advertising.

By earning the Certification, it shows that our Virtual Assistants have demonstrated the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop, strategize and manage ad campaigns of all sizes. Certification is earned by successfully completing in-depth coursework, as well as taking multiple exams to test knowledge and competency.

According to Google, Virtual Assist USA’s certified specialization in search advertising means that we have shown:

  • Increased product performance and expertise in basic and advanced search advertising concepts

  • An understanding of best practices for launching, managing, and optimizing Google ad campaigns

  • Best practices for creating, managing, and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns

  • Advertising in Google search results

  • Creating online marketing plans

  • Advanced support of AdWords campaigns

  • Proficiency in Google Analytics and digital analytics as a whole

  • Data measurement and implementation planning

  • Google Analytics configuration and management

  • Google Analytics reporting

  • Campaign and channel attribution

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