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What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Entrepreneurs know that time is money.

This is where hiring a Virtual Assistant team comes in.

Your Virtual Assistant handles day-to-day tasks and one-off projects in your business-- yes, just like a regular assistant! Only, they aren't sitting next to you in your office. A Virtual Assistant runs the gamut in terms of the tasks they can accomplish -- from administrative or operations management to personal tasks like travel scheduling to social media strategy and execution. While a Virtual Assistant company like Virtual Assist USA offers 100s of services, there are a few more popular, common tasks:

  • Research: Whether it's identifying investors, finding events or gathering market research data-- or plotting competition, goals and market share.

  • Financial management: Many of our clients hire our Virtual Assistants to help with bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation or daily work such as maintaining budgets, making purchases and keeping track of AP/AR.

  • Social media: For any business in 2019, social media is one of the most critical channels for brand awareness. A Virtual Assistant can not only manage your accounts, but help grow them. In addition to scheduling posts and keeping up with daily content, our Virtual Assistants can create a growth strategy, compile statistics, review analytics, create reports, and monitor interactions to help grow social media presence.

  • Content creation: Our expert Virtual Assistants can create content for a client's website, blog or social media. They can ghostwrite, edit and maintain a consistent stream of updaed content, which is imparative for search engine optimization and conversions.

  • E-mail management: This turns out to be the biggest time saver and productivity improver for our clients. Our Virtual Assistants can answer e-mails, job inquiries, general questions and customer service inquiries through e-mail. Our clients determine how much time they'd like the Virtual Assistant to dedicate each day to answering e-mails,creating filters, organizing messages and responding to communications, so it easily fits into any business's budget.

  • Organizational tasks: Whether they are scheduling meetings amongst a team, organizing a calendar, or making daily itineraries, a virtual assistant can focus on the nitty-gritty so you can get back to work. Waking up every day to a full schedule that you didn’t have to create is liberating and makes sure that you are utilizing every moment of the day to accomplish as much as possible.

  • Travel arrangements: Executives and entrepreneurs alike need to travel and they often spend more time on the road than at home. Our Virtual Assistants can take care of booking flights, reserving rental cars, arranging transportation and booking hotels according to the client's preferences.

Looking back at the list of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can accomplish is impressive. It’s really nice to look back and see the massive workload that can be lifted off of your shoulders by hiring one, not just in your business, but in your personal life as well. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, entrepreneurs and executives can relive huge workloads-- that doesn't mean that you suddenly have less work to do, but it means that you can spend more of your time focusing on high ROI activities like strategic planning.

Ultimately, this works out to be your business running at peak efficiency.

But that's not what most clients consider the major upside.

Virtual Assistants are contract workers, and they work with clients much like a CPA or lawyer does. This means a lot of costs being saved. The majority of clients hire Virtual Assistants for only 10-50 hours over the course of a month. You're paying for highly productive owrk. That kind of flexibility is paramount for an effective, efficient business.

Moreover, because an assistant is often such a personal role to play in a company, having one virtually allows you to find the one that best suits the needs of your business, again increasing productivity and output. You don't need to worry about hiring someone within commuting distance. That kind of freedom is something seldom experienced in a hiring process.

Companies like Virtual Assist USA set up Virtual Assistant working arrangements for you, based on your needs. There is a ton of flexibility and support staff to ensure that you get the right fit for your business. If efficiency is your game, this saves a lot of time.

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