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The Brilliant Trick That Busy CEOs Use to Manage E-Mails

Every busy CEO knows that e-mails are an incredible timesuck.

How many hours a day do you spend in your inbox?

When you find yourself spending too much time on emails, it means that you're spending less time on more important, critical tasks.

Think of all of the tasks that you could do that could contribute more to your company and exponential growth than if you simply spent time answering your emails. So, what do CEOs, founders and busy entrepreneurs do to spend less time returning emails-- and more time focusing on the more important priorities? They utilize this hack to help them.

If you find that your inbox is overwhelming and you can't keep track of the unending amount of e-mails that you receive, the most successful CEOs use this one trick: they hire an assistant.

A Virtual Assistant can filter out your less critical emails so that you can personally respond to the most important, high priority emails quickly. Your Virtual Assistant will handle everything else.

Here's how a Virtual Assistant can tackle the never-ending mountain of e-mail that you receive.

>>> Your VA prioritizes e-mails from Client A, Vendor B and Personal Contact C.

>>> Your VA prioritizes projects relating to Z, Y and Z.

>>> Your VA forwards emails about A, B or C to specific team members

>>> Your VA follows a set of guidelines when handling a request for a meeting or call

>>> Your VA maintains a list of FAQ and can respond quickly and efficiently to questions from senders

>>> Your VA checks into your inbox at regular time blocks throughout the day

>>> Your VA gets you to Inbox Zero (the holy grail of email productivity) every week by taking one of 4 action with every message: read, act, file or delete

>>> Your VA can organize e-mails that you must personally answer by deadline or priority

Remember that the most successful CEOs work on their business, not in their business.

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