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How Amazon Can Impact Your Small Business

Amazon has announced the location of its much-publicized HQ2 will be split between NoVa and New York. This is estimated to bring 50,000 job openings to the Northeast and it may leave some of your most valuable employees at risk of being poached by the retail giant.

How can you maintain your workforce in the meantime?

As your supplementary team members, Virtual Assist USAs team of VAs can act as your Executive Assistant, Marketing Manager, HR Professional, Bookkeeper and more. Our team members work as an extension of your team for specific projects, specific periods of time or forever-- if that's what you need. Your handpicked VA will augment your team with whichever type of expertise you happen to need at the moment. Utilizing Virtual Assist USA, you can have the experience and seniority on your team without the expense of a hefty salary, benefits and complicated employment contract.

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