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How to Trust Your Virtual Assistant

It can be hard to trust new people in your company. It can be even harder to trust someone like your Virtual Assistant who works completely remotely and seems like a stranger. There can be hesitations on hiring a Virtual Assistant for these reasons and even more so for considering entrusting them with big decisions like Facebook ad investment or handling sensitive information like passwords.

It’s important to recognize that small businesses, large businesses, and entrepreneurs all over the world frequently delegate their tasks to virtual assistants. Virtual Assistants are actively improving the lives of clients in meaningful and important ways -- and so can you!


The first step toward trust is by having clear expectations so that you understand what your Virtual Assistant can and cannot do for you. Trust is easily lost when clients get over promised or oversold. The best way to approach this is to be diligent in who you choose to be your VA, and select a VA who is an individual with professional skills and training that will be useful to your staffing needs. The better you understand what you need to have done by your VA and what they are able to handle, the more confident and in control you will feel as you delegate tasks to them.


A next step toward trusting your VA is by making sure you can get in touch with a real person. Make sure that you can reach them when necessary and that 100% of your business is not conducted through email alone. Don’t underestimate the power a weekly phone call can have! That is why at Virtual Assist USA we value the importance of checking in regularly. In addition to that, your VA should be flexible and available through whatever channel you think is best and necessary for good communication.

Utilize Tools Available To You

Finally, just because you hire a VA doesn’t mean you have to completely step outside your comfort zone. If it helps you build trust more easily with your VA, you can utilize password managers, contract agreements, and set boundaries. You can have a successful partnership with your VA if you are open and honest with yourself about what you want them to have access to. However, additional tools don’t have to be required!

By taking these simple steps you can put yourself on track to trusting your VA. With good communication and hiring awareness there should be no reason that your VA can’t handle your sensitive information and take charge of the tasks you just don’t have time for. It’s important to trust dedicated professionals, like the Virtual Assist USA team, who are already trained and operate based on professional values and ethics. That way you can be assured that you and your company are always in good hands!

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