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What First Time Users of Virtual Assistants Should Know

Working with a Virtual Assistant can get confusing or be intimidating. How do you know what to give them? How do you know what they’re able to handle? How often do they need to check in with you? The good news is that working with a great Virtual Assistant means they can help establish these things for you so that you can start taking back your own valuable time. However, you should already have clear answers to these questions before you start the hiring process. Just in case, here’s a breakdown of what first time users of a Virtual Assistant should know. Whether you just hired your own Virtual Assistant or are still on the fence about hiring, these tips can help guide you in the right direction.

The Genius Zone

Entrepreneurs should stick to their own “genius zone,” where they have most inner talent. The key to uncovering that zone is by being honest and understanding with how you work and what work you like to handle. Everything else can, and probably should, be outsourced. This should be your first step towards hiring a Virtual Assistant, by making boundaries between what you like to do yourself and what you can give to someone else to do for you.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Make sure that you understand, calculate, and answer the basic questions of working with a Virtual Assistant. Questions like:

  • How would adding a VA be more useful to me/my business?

  • What would my VA be doing for me?

  • How will I be spending my freed-up time?

  • Do I have the funds needed for a VA?

  • Am I willing to let go of some control?

Be Willing to Communicate

One of the most important factors of a partnership with a Virtual Assistant is communication. Know that you will need to spend time getting to know your Virtual Assistant, setting processes with them, and creating systems and checklists. Once you and your Virtual Assistant clearly understand one another you can start to see your free time open up.

Make Sure You Are Ready

As human beings, we can be eager to dive first into something we are not really ready for. This includes working with a Virtual Assistant. Don’t hire a Virtual Assistant if you’re not exactly sure what you’d like for them to do. It’s not reasonable to expect a Virtual Assistant to jump in and start helping, because you need to be clear in what you need done and, if applicable, train them for what they’ll need. It’s better to know right away what you need them to take over.

Finally, Treat Your Virtual Assistant Importantly

Don’t hire the first Virtual Assistant that you come across because it can lead to a partnership that fails quickly and rapidly. Treat the hiring process as important as hiring an employee for your company. Do your research, ask questions, and inquire before you make a decision. A Virtual Assistant can change your life and give you back more time so don’t jeopardize it by not being thorough on your decision making!

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