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Peak Screen: A “Revolution” from Seeing to Hearing

It’s been ten years since the first Apple iPhone hit the public market. And today, in 2018, we’ve reached something The New York Times calls ‘peak screen” - a “revolution is in the air” once again while our screens act like “insatiable vampires.” So what’s the appeal?

Perhaps the biggest move into an audible, screenless world are the various robot assistants hitting the market and promising to handle your day to day life. But can you really trust them? What do you lose by replacing an actual human with them?

Hey, Alexa —

Google and Amazon have been using their developers to create a shift in the way we use our smart devices. Most notably, the creation of Article Intelligence (AI) like the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. These voice-activated and voice-commanded bots are entering homes and workplaces at a rapid speed.

Could your next co-worker be a robot?

AI in the workplace may not be extremely popular, but it is changing almost every industry in different ways. From robots that save tech companies billions a year in their warehouses to ones that are ready to take your bag when you check into a hotel, there’s no shortage of the innovative ways AI can help business.

It’s likely that most workers could expect to see their lives changed by AI similar to the ways that they already interact with the Amazon Echo or the Google Assistant. That is, bots who are ready to learn speech, answer questions, and schedule events in supportive roles.

But does this mean we are ready to entrust all of our personal information, our important events, and sensitive material to AI assistants? Not quite. In May 2018 alone, there were a flurry of tweets that highlighted the invasion of privacy customers felt toward their Amazon Echo.

These consumers were fearful that their “Alexa” voice assistant was always listening, always turned on, and always ready to store their private conversations. Without the trust of AI assistants in the home, there is bound to be a lack of trust in the workplace.

Can AI really replace your Virtual Assistant?

While some people believe that AI is ready to take over the industry of replacing humans, it’s actually quite complicated and risky. Relying on a machine to handle your scheduling, your emails, your marketing, your communication, and more provides a lot of room for mistakes.

Sure, human error is a thing, but at least with a human you can talk personally, have your direction and passions understood, and take advantage of real skill sets. By working with a virtual assistant or a virtual assistant team you are directly communicating with brains that have been trained professional and personally in the areas that you specifically need to better your business.

In addition to that, human workers have a clear understanding of intuition and ethics. As of right now AI assistants are capable of gathering data and processing that data but they cannot adhere to the ethical standards of the professional work environment. The inability to completely guarantee that your sensitive data will be safe from breaches or data loss makes sticking with a human team for your needs more desirable.

The Takeaway

In a world where smartphones dominate, screens are everywhere. They’re in cars, in homes, in offices, and in our pockets. For over ten years major tech companies have marketed their devices toward consumers by highlighting the appeal of a computer screen that fits in the palm of your hand.

Now, the “revolution” has begun as those same companies reach for ways you could use those screens less. From implementing AI voice assistants, creating smart watches, and more “eyes free” devices, it seems that the curve toward a digital age where our eyes can finally catch a break is upon us.

While popular AI assistants continue to hit the market it is important to keep in mind that only an actual human will be able to understand you personally, professionally, and keep up with the ethical and professional standards of working with you. Only a human can give you a completely personalized experience that separates you from simply being another customer trying to use AI to handle tasks and an actual business owner.

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