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How to Use a Virtual Assistant for the Growth of Your Small Business

Every entrepreneur faces the same conundrum - how to keep the company on a growth trajectory while managing costs.

As your business grows, you may find yourself in need of more hands on deck - maybe you need the expert skills of a web designer or a social media marketer or operations help. Growth comes with increased complexity because while you need this talent - and the growth of your business depends on it - you may not have the office space, the equipment or the money to pay for an employee (and all of the taxes & benefits that come with that.)

So, what's the answer? Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant team.

When an entrepreneur outsources day-to-day operational, marketing and administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant team, they have more time to focus on growing the business and generating revenue. A traditional employee will cost you 30-35% over and above the cost of their hourly rate once you factor in paid holidays, required insurance like unemployment and disability, state and federal taxes, etc.) What you see is what you get with a Virtual Assistant rate - you will pay nothing over that date. Additionally, you save on costs like equipment, software & maintaining office space.

What's the best way to utilize a Virtual Assistant Team for your growth?

Market Research for Wider Sales Channels: Ask your Virtual Assistant to do market research on trends and pricing structures for your target market, as well as feedback about what features customers are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization: Promote your website visibility by getting higher page ranks on Google. This is a crucial but time-consuming task that requires specific skills that your Virtual Assistant may already have.

Customer Relationship Management: One of the most underrated functions of any business is maintaining good customer records & monitoring leads to scale your business.

Blogging & Social Media: No business in 2018 can do without this powerful means to educate prospects & attract customers.

Bookkeeping: Processing vital financial information about your business will give you a clear picture of your financial standing & enable you to make decisions from a place of confidence.

Get help from those who can give efficient help to you. Focus only on what you need to: the scaling and growth of your business.

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