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Our Virtual Assistant Services Applauded on Clutch

Since 2008, our team has been dedicated to changing the definition of what it means to have a virtual assistant. Accommodating clients of every size, our specialization is providing conscientious service with a perfect blend of education and experience – achieving recognition from great sources along the way. For this reason, we have begun working deeper with Clutch in order to provide a more transparent, intimate view of our operations and how we support businesses every day.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform covering over 7,000 companies across 500+ industry verticals ranging from web developers to virtual assistants. Their ultimate goal is to harbor meaningful relationships between the buyers and sellers on their site. The core of Clutch’s analysis lies in reference interviews, where a company’s clients are interviewed about the challenges, solutions, and results of their time working together. Intertwining, Clutch utilizes a complex scoring methodology that takes into account over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors such as clientele, market presence, and industry recognition. They are then able to separate the firms that deliver from those that do not.

In their evaluation, Clutch has begun assessing our virtual assistant, voice, and transcription services by speaking to a few of our clients. Here are some of the things they’ve had to say about us:

“Virtual Assist USA is one of the best virtual assistant services because they are very efficient…they are a proactive team that works with and for businesses,” described the HR Manager of a gaming company. They went on to describe the time and money saved per month when utilizing our services:

“We save $500,000 and 120 hours.”

Another client, the IT President of an Information Technology Company, expressed what they thought made us unique:

“They need to be used by more companies…they provide the human touch.” Continuing, when asked about our customer service and ability to turnaround quality work, the IT President stated:

“They do it extremely well.”

To learn more about our clients’ stellar experiences and success working with us, keep up-to-date with our Clutch profile here.

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