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Our Proprietary Matching Process

Matching a Virtual Assistant to client

In a virtual or remote working environment, it can be difficult to learn how to communicate effectively with your team members.

We recognize the critical need for an ideal match between Virtual Assistant and client. At Virtual Assist USA, our proprietary matching process is done in a 4-step process where we match Virtual Assistant team members to clients based on the following factors:

1) Desired time zone

2) Client's operating system (PC, Mac)

3) Required skill set

4) Last but certainly not least -- Personality and work behavior assessment tools

The utilization of assessment tools - specifically DiSC Profile Assessments and Wonderlic Cognitive behavior tests - are professional psychological assessment tools that allow us to deeply understand our Virtual Assistant team member's work and behavioral styles. By understanding this, we are able to expertly and accurately match each client with the optimal Virtual Assistant.

You may be thinking... well, how does this work?

DiSC Profile Assessments identify our natural behaviors and help us make better decisions in our interactions. It centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. This assessment allows our team to analyze how each Virtual Assistant best operates. Where are their strengths? What can they improve on? Are they detail-oriented, analytical, have well developed interpersonal skills, etc... the list goes on! Understanding their gifts and knowing their skill sets allows us to match them with a client according to our client's needs.

It is a priority to Virtual Assist USA to maximize efficiency and propel our client’s businesses forward. With this always in mind, it is essential to onboard clients with a Virtual Assistant that is already an understandable match for their needs and business goals. We do not simply guess at our Virtual Assistant's work style and behaviors, we have a deep analytical understanding of them.

Matching the client to the Virtual Assistant is a combination of art and science!

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