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Happy 9 Years To Us!

It’s the fall of 2008. A U.S. Senator named Barack Obama is making headlines. The economy faces it’s most horrific crisis in U.S. financial history. There’s a rush to buy the Apple iPhone 3G for $199. Madonna turns 50. O.J. goes to prison. Joe the Plumber makes headlines.

And Virtual Assist USA was born. I still remember the excitement and anticipation that went with that launch day. I started the company with a $400 loan from my grandmother on a coffee table in a tawdry apartment.

In 2008, virtual assistance was new and unproven, and it raised more questions than it answered. That era passed some time ago. These days, I hear more about the risk of not using a virtual assistant. Businesses of all shapes and sizes want to be nimble, flexible and use the most relevant technology in order to be as productive as possible.

In the ensuing 9 years, we’ve made it a point to take risks, embrace challenges and always keep client service at the forefront of our minds. Along the way, we’ve been constantly innovating while staying true to our DNA, which, from Day 1, has been to make the luxury of an assistant and team available to every entrepreneur.

Thousands of clients, a quadrupled workforce and recognition as the largest all-inclusive American virtual assistance firm in the country, we celebrate 8 years as a company. Together, with small businesses–including yours, we are changing the world. When your business succeeds, it benefits families, communities, and impacts the entire global economy. We think that 8 years of small business success is definitely worth celebrating!

The small business landscape we’re working in has changed quite a bit over the last eight years. What hasn’t changed is our desire to deliver for our clients. We will continue to add value for those clients who trust us, day in and day out.

Thank you for letting Virtual Assist USA be part of your story.

It’s been a good 9 years…. The American dream is alive and well.

Let’s do it all again.

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