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Virtual Assist USA Continued Partnership with Receptionist Service

Virtual Assist USA is always working to provide a broad range of all-inclusive services to our clients. Although we offer 100s of services, we do not offer receptionist services and we wanted to make sure that we could provide an alternative to our clients that was a cost-effective, efficient service. We are thrilled to announce that we have been partnered with Ruby Receptionists for over 5 years, providing our clients stronger opportunities to effectively handle and manage their incoming calls.

Ruby offers a live and virtual answering service, with friendly, courteous virtual receptionists. They have created stellar first impressions for their customers and specialize in highly personalized interactions that go above and beyond for their customers and their callers. Ruby leverages proprietary technology combined with bright, charming receptionists who thrive by five core values – Foster Happiness, Practice WOWism, Create Community, Innovate and Grow – to deliver its unique vision of customer service. They see every call as an opportunity to make someone’s day, to make someone feel heard, and to build the trust that helps our customers win business.

From their offices in Portland, Oregon, Ruby’s live virtual receptionists handle calls with care – using custom greetings, transferring calls wherever directed, and answering basic FAQs about the client’s business – at the fraction of the cost of an on-site employee.

Ruby provides the peace of mind that callers will each be treated warmly and professionally by a smart, highly-trained, cheerful receptionist. They offer a variety of different plans, and even offer a mobile app that allows you to break free from your desk and manage your calls with the touch of a finger. By using Ruby Receptionists, clients will experience:

  • Happier callers – Ruby’s team of customer service experts are trained to build trust with potential clients from the very first interaction—setting you up for success.

  • Sophisticated call data

  • Faster workflow – Does anything feel better than automating your busywork?

  • Room to Grow – Ruby answers 100% of business hour calls live—giving you the freedom to focus.

It has been found that 74% of callers are likely to choose another business after they have a bad experience. Ruby is the only live virtual receptionist service dedicated to creating real, meaningful connections with callers.

We’re always working hard and looking for resources, services and integrations to make running your business easier. We are proud to say that we have partnered with Ruby Receptionists as one way to help your business achieve that goal.

*As a Virtual Assist USA referral you’ll receive $150 off your first full month’s invoice! Just use the promo code: VIRTUALASSISTUSA and visit:

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